Part IV: How to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Stores From YouTube

If you thought YouTube is for beliebers and watching funny cat videos, think again. With over 3 billion daily views, YouTube traffic is touted as one of the highest quality traffic on the world wide web. What’s more — the video streaming platform is also the second-largest search engine, only trailing its cousin Google.

As a store owner, YouTube can do wonders when it comes to driving external traffic to your Amazon product pages. Of course, you have to ramp up viewership and subscriptions on your YouTube channel and videos first.

Why YouTube for External Traffic?

Heavy web traffic

YouTube is a haven for top-grade traffic that you need to drive to your Amazon store. The video-sharing platform is so much traffic that it is considered the 3rd most-visited website. That means there’s a remarkable potential of raking in traffic with YouTube if you use the proper strategy.

Improved SEO

If you optimize your content well, there’s a potential for your brand, products or Amazon store being indexed inside the SERP of Google. That means more traffic both for your website and Amazon store.

Quality Visitor

The good news about YouTube is that you don’t have to worry about getting millions of views. It’s all about the quality of the traffic. Besides, there’s a good chance that those who watch your videos are also interested in your products. In fact, YouTube drives more post-click engagement than Facebook or Instagram.

Brand Visibility

Your YouTube content will help your brand build rapport with viewers. As such, by the time they end up on your Amazon store, they are excited, primed, and ready to make a purchase. It’s a great conversion grinder.

How to Drive Traffic from YouTube?

#1. Go Social

Just like any other post, it is crucial that your YouTube content also gets social signals. Submit, upload or share your videos on major bookmarking and social media sites, such as Google+, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc. If you’ve significant traffic on your fan pages or blog, ask your fans to like or comment on your videos.

#2. Include Explicit Call-to-Action

One of the best ways to drive traffic with YouTube is to create a compelling CTA. Don’t beat about the bush — tell your viewers to check out your Amazon store, buy your products or take advantage of your latest offers. With call-to-action overlay feature, the whole process is easy peasy.

#3. Leverage Video Description

Turn your video description box into a traffic-generator. Instead of inserting a single call-to-action, add 5-6. Use a compelling copy to encourage the viewers to take action. Don’t forget to add the URL to your Amazon store in the video description box.

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