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Getting started on Zenia

Wondering where to start, when connecting social media accounts?

You are lucky that you’ve come to a place with integrations to not only the big 3 – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but also Pinterest, Medium.

AND if you are an ECommerce webshop owner, you can also upload your store products, for promotion across social media (= more traffic and sales!), from Amazon and AliExpress, as well.

Due to a lot of requests from people connecting their social media accounts, we are looking at ways of adding YouTube integration, and an Instagram connection that is smooth.

Currently Insta are only opening up connections to their select marketing partners. 🙁

During our closed Beta, we tested connections to Reddit and Hacker News, but they were not very popular, so we decided to take them down.

Let us know if you want to see them back?

We are open to the idea of adding any new integrations that will make your life easier, so make sure you contact us with any requests, via our chatbox on the homepage.

Quick tips on the possible connections for small business owners:

Facebook: You can choose to connect your Personal Account, Business Page or a Group.

LinkedIn: Connect to your Profile and any Company Page you are an Admin of.

Twitter: Add any accounts (Handles) that you have.

Pinterest: Pick a particular Board or your entire account, to connect to.

That is just a very simple intro to the connections available for you and your business.

We are adding more information everyday, to help make the process of connecting social media accounts, finding content and sharing with your audience, easier and easier.

Keep a look out for more blogs and videos, coming soon!

Many thanks

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