Social Media Managers – Ready for 2019? Do you know how to beat the algorithms?

2018 has seen a lot of new challenges facing us marketers – GDPR, Facebook’s reputation getting battered and them deciding to make multiple algorithm changes that have near enough killed organic post reach for businesses and communities, and of course the continued question of Snapchat relevancy.

So how do we bounce back in 2019 and continue to deliver value for our clients? We have to get smarter – that’s how!

At Zenia we like to think that we are in touch with trends and perhaps even a little bit ahead of some of the tools out there that get a lot more of the publicity, as they spend big on exposure through TV ads and google adwords.

Early on, we built in our Facebook post booster function that has seen clients increase their reach from an organic 4 or 5 people, to a targeted 1500 to 2000 people, for just 5 bucks per post 😲

Yes folks, accept it, we’ve all got to pay to play now.

But perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom. Perhaps there are ways to improve reach without a budget. There is always a way, right?

Yes there are ways, but it takes some knowledge and resources. Here are some tips on increasing reach…

  • Shares are the key to success! Facebook is now favouring integrations that are more ‘meaningful’ – so that means likes, comments and shares from your friends and family. 👉So start connecting with your team-mates and clients more and provide them with valuable content that they will love.
  • Timing is everything! Early interaction means more extended reach on LinkedIn. Their algorithm rewards likes and comments made early after the post was published. Take a look at the image below:

Yes, that’s right, LinkedIn uses real HUMANS to look at posts that are truly valuable and have some ‘viral’ appeal.

  • On Instagram the algorithm will firstly show your new post to a small sample of your followers. Instagram will then monitor how fast the post is engaged with, before comparing it to previous posts, and then seeing if there is continued engagement over time. If it is hot – it will stay high up on people’s feeds. 👉 Use video as much as possible – it is so much more fun and stands out amongst the many static images!

This is just a taster of how you can impact the organic reach of your posts. Our friends over at Growth Tribe have done a deep dive into this, so we highly recommend that you check out their video…

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Barry O’Brien – Head of Growth Marketing